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Obliteracers launching on PS4 and Xbox One in July

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Frankfurt, Germany, May 31, 2016  – Following the successful PC release earlier this year, Frankfurt-based publisher/developer Deck13 today announced that its award-winning party racer Obliteracers will hit the PlayStation Store for PlayStation 4 and the Xbox Store for Xbox One on July 15, 2016.

Michael Davies (CEO, Varkian Empire): “We were thrilled to see how well the game was received on PC, and now we’re bringing the experience into the lounge room where it really shines. We’re looking forward to some seriously chaotic party racing nights.”

Jan Klose (CEO, Deck13):  “The PC release on Steam showed us the tremendous potential in this party racer. Obliteracers has had several very successful months and we’re looking forward to seeing its performance on consoles.”

Obliteracers is an award-winning party racer in which up to 16 players have to prove their skills on one screen. The game is less about speed and more about keeping up with other players, using weapons to knock them out of the race. To destroy or to be destroyed – that’s what it’s about. Compete with friends locally or online against others, with dozens of game modifiers to keep things fresh. Gaming nights in your living room just got a bit cozier…and a whole lot louder.

For more information, join our Facebook,Twitter or Reddit Community. Current press materials can be found here and current screenshots here. Additional information can be found on the official website.

Official website Deck13: http://www.deck13.com
Official website Varkian Empire: http://varkianempire.com

Shift Happens: Ankündigung der Xbox One-Version

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Frankfurt, Germany, May 19, 2016 – Frankfurt-based developer and publisher today announced that its award-winning puzzle platform game Shift Happens, developed by indie developer Klonk Games, will launch on XBOX One via the XBOX Store in early July 2016. The game recently took home two big awards at the “Deutscher Computerspielepreis 2016” (transl. German Computer Game Award 2016) – “Bestes Kinderspiel” (transl. Best Kids Game) and “Bestes Gamedesign” (transl. Best Game Design) –and was nominated for “Bestes Deutsches Spiel (transl. Best German Game).

Robin Kocaurek (Co-Founder Klonk Games): “Shift Happens is best played as co-op together on the couch and we are very excited to see people’s reaction to the console version.”

Jan Klose (Managing Director, Deck13): “We can’t wait to publish Shift Happens on consoles and invigorate couch co-op play with it.”

Shift Happens is a co-op platformer. The game features challenging puzzle gameplay that two player have to work together on to solve. At its core the game revolves around the “Shift” mechanic. The players use that mechanic to change the protagonists “Bismo” and “Plom” reciprocally to master different levels.

For more information, follow the Community on Facebook and Twitter. The Shift Happens press kit can be found here and the current teaser trailer here.
You can find the latest screenshots and teaser here available for download.

Official website: http://shifthappensgame.com
Official website for Deck13: http://www.deck13.com
Official website for Klonk Games: http://www.klonk-games.de

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