Welcome to the digital Lord of the Flies, welcome to The Other 99. Welcome to a secret island you’re trapped on. But don’t expect a hearted welcome from the other 99 people trapped on that island.Don’t expect to survive.


  • Brutal Atmosphere! The Other 99 has a grim and brutal atmosphere and thanks to the Unreal Engine 4 atmosphere and graphical quality can go hand and in hand to slay their opponents!
  • Nothing is the same! Managed to get through the game? Give it another try! No playthrough will feel the same as the game evolves dynamically around you
  • A huge island as playground! Explore a mysterious island, discover its secrets but mind your steps and watch your back. You’re not alone
  • Chop, Chop, Chop! It’ll be hard to avoid fights as most people on the island are not too friendly. So better sharpen your blades and prepare for a brutal combat system…
  • Moral choices have to be made! Will you just kill everyone or will you find another way to leave the island? And if you’re going on a manhunt, will you spare the weak and innocent?
  • Discover what an AI is capable of! No playthrough will be the same as the AI will always react differently. Some inhabitants will try to hunt you down while others might even cooperate. But who will do what? You should better find out soon.

About the Game

The Other 99 isn’t yet another first person survival game but actually an evolution of the proven concept. With its focus on the story, its dramatic and brutal combat system and creatives puzzles it is an unique approach on the popular genre.

Explore the island, solve it’s mystery and try to escape from its dangers. For that you need to take care of the other 99 inhabitants. But how you do that is up to you. Will you be their nightmare or will you find another way? The choice is yours. It’s all up to your moral.

Developer: Burning Arrow
Genre: Survival Horror
Platform(s): PC, Xbox One, TBA

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