Super Sky Arena is a modern re-imagination of the Starfox multiplayer mode. You pilot a jet fighter to have fast paced dogfights against three of your friends. Play either locally, in splitscreen mode, or create an online game and let your friends join from all over the world.


  • Spin me right `round baby! Expecting a typical arena shooter? Don’t do so, the levels are as round as it can get.
  • KABOOM! Sure, you could keep your starting weapon and blow stuff up, but why don‘t you give these sweet powerups a try? Just once, maybe twice? No?
  • Feel the mode! There’s more than just deathmatch! Even some kind of Capture the Flag is included – although it’s different. It’s like Capture the Flag. But it isn’t like Capture the Flag. Got it?
  • Don’t like the drugs, but the drugs like you! Forget about realism! Get kidnapped into the most colorful and weirdest world you’ve ever seen
  • Online? Sure! But also offline! Annoyed that most games these days don’t offer Splitscreen anymore? We’re with you here. And that’s why Super Sky Arena comes along with that  feature

About the Game

It‘s time for a psychedelic multiplayer fragfest, it‘s time for Super Sky Arena. Face your enemies in adrenaline pushing dogfights in this deathmatch-homage to the incredible Star Fox series.

In Super Sky Arena up to four players are thrown into mind-twisting deathmatch arenas where they have to try to survive while fragging each other. Only those who time their actions perfectly will win. Only those who use the powerups wisely will lead the scoreboards.

With its extraordinary Artstyle Super Sky Arena is a real eyecatcher. That combined with a fast and actionoriented gameplay makes this game the perfect break killer.

Developer: Space Dust Studios
Genre: Arcade Racing
Platform(s): PC, Xbox One & PlayStation 4


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