Studio of the Year 2014

We’re incredibly grateful for having been awarded Studio of the Year at the German Developer Awards 2014.
We will continue to give all we can to offer the best possible gaming experince to someone very special:

You, the player.

Latest news


Lords of the Fallen nominated @ DCP

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Lords of the Fallen nominated in three categories


Jan Klose @ Industrieskyporama

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Jan Klose visits

Devplayheute Kopie

DevPlay – Open World: Blessing or Curse?

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Is having an Open World: Blessing or Curse?


Lords of the Fallen – Ancient Labyrinth released

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You wanted more Harkyn Story? Here you go!


Deck13 Interactive wins “Best Studio 2014″ Award

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Deck13 wins “Best Studio 2014″ Award at DEP

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